With “Unlock the Block” being ConnectMOORE’s first client I’ll give you the break down of how we use all four components to grow it. 

  • Branding: When “Unlock the Block” first began it was in the black neighborhood and after listening to the event founder’s aspirations for the event, I knew the location had to change for us to get the level of diversity we wanted. With location change, it inspired us to start working with the city to obtain the park and splash pad permits, which gave us more credit within the city. 


Now the event brand is in place to grow in the direction we envisioned, we are looking into a new name that will be more long term due to the fact the event name is already trademarked upstate. Once that’s accomplished, we will get into more merchandise, setting up our own online banking system, and franchising the white-labeled event system across the targeted areas. 

  • Public relations: Strategically placed flyers and cards around data proven popular locations. Kept investors informed on the progress of the backend tasks for the event, intentionally got feedback of the past event attendees through surveys and focus groups. Identified city influencers that could provide their expertise and testimonies of their event experience. Established the “Supporter of the Year” award. Invited and built relationships with Tri-County press, local photographers and videographers to the event to gain footage for more exposure in the next events.

  • Sales: Sold the sponsorship packages to local business owners. (9 sponsors= $1,500). Offered leads for the speed camp and vendors. Provided ways to bring in revenue from the event such as vendor fees, raffles, books, and t shirts. 

  • Digital Marketing: Created a sweepstakes Facebook posting system for the event. 1st step: Created a facebook business page and created the event on the business page. 2nd step: Directed the host Kaymon Farmer to share the post from the business page to his personal page where he got over 7,300 organic reach.