You Asked, We Answered


What does the process look like when you’re pitching a customer and once they come onboard what does that process look like?

Most ConnectMOORE clients are selected through our specialized team that is observing the market for struggling business” Quote about everyone just needs a little help”.At that moment we are already working on the weak points within the business elected.  Our leading approach is not to sell the client but to build a relationship(PR). Doing so we display genuine care for the clients craft and efforts to grow “conversation rules the nation”. 

After a 30 min to an hour conversation of mostly listening to the clients vision and failed tactics we should have a good accurate idea of what are the best next moves to getting them closer to being KNOWN VALUED CONNECTED. 

Once service agreement to come on board of the ConnectMOORE has been established EVERY client must go through a info accuracy check we call “SAC”(Social Accuracy Check). A “SAC” is where we go through all social platforms from google to facebook, bing, instagram etc making sure all of your info is accurate and ready for a incline. We use a three brain system in every department.