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Known, Valued, Connected

Most of our clients at ConnectMOORE come with such a drive to grow their company to its divine potential that having knowledge of their market is far from what is missing. What's missing is the knowing of how to properly apply that knowledge to create consistency within their business.


That's where ConnectMOORE comes in. Systematically we will apply your knowledge and vision with our professional outlook to getting you KNOWN, VALUED, and CONNECTED.

PR Experience: I attended college at TSU in Houston Texas. I took up industrial technology but I fell in love with club promotion and promoting local talent. I managed an 8 man execution team and we handled public relations work and handed out flyers for the biggest clubs in downtown Houston. I use that same energy with Unlock the Block with flyers/sponsorship forms/ and vendor forms to build rapport with my personal network and the new individuals I come in contact with.

Consulting: Usually done through digital marketing. We will set you up an ecommerce right in the heart of your website so that you can track all sales activity in one location.


Digital Marketing:  We use all social platforms and go through search engines like google, yahoo making sure all your info is accurate. The key is drawing attention to the business page, so we systematically go about posting content.

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